What can I expect with my initial phone call?  I will answer any questions you have.  You can tell me about your particular circumstance or situation and together we will figure out what you are trying to find out with the exam and decide if polygraph is really going to help.

They are a very good liar.  Can they beat the test?  The short answer is no. Polygraph only measures physiological responses.  It does not listen to the smooth talk of a polished liar.  In order for someone to manipulate the exam they would have to engage in long term practice with scientific instruments such as biofeedback equipment or a polygraph instrument and have the knowledge to conduct an examination using the specific polygraph technique being used for the examination.  During an examination it becomes pretty obvious when countermeasures are employed.

Can I be in the room when the test is given?  A polygraph examination is given in a controlled environment.  Outside influences can cause distractions or even reactions during the exam.  For that reason, the examination suite is restricted to the polygraphist and the person taking the examination.

How many questions can I ask?  A polygraph examination seeks the truth about a single issue.  This results in the most accurate examination possible.  We ask questions during the examination that will reveal the truth about the single issue, such as, is my boyfriend cheating on me.  Because the questions relate directly to the single issue, if the person fails one question they fail the examination because they have lied to a question relating to the single issue.  Therefore the number of questions becomes irrelevant.  The specific issue and getting a reliable answer to that issue is what is important.

How much does it cost?  A Specific Issue Examination ranges from $250 to $600, depending on complexity of the issue and usually takes from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete.

I'm really nervous, will that affect the results?  The short answer is no.  We are not measuring nervousness.  Your free to be as nervous as you like.

Should I stop taking my medication?  Definitely not.  But be sure to inform me what medication you are currently taking.

Why does the exam take 1 1/2 to 3 hours?  A quality polygraph examination takes time.  A typical exam consists of many phases wherein paperwork is completed, an introduction to the polygraph and components is made, test questions are discussed,  the examinee is familiarized with the testing procedure, the reviewed test questions are presented to the examinee while a number of  polygraph charts are recorded, an analysis of the charts is made and an opinion as to the truthfulness of the examinee is rendered.

How accurate is the polygraph?  The American Polygraph Association has research indicating accuracy between 92 and 98% in a specific issue examination.

When will I get the results?  Analysis is completed in less than one hour after the examination.

Can I get a volume discount?  Generally, no.  The examinations all take the same amount of time and effort regardless of the number of people being examined.  An exception may be made if several people are being examined on the same loss with the same set of case facts.  Contact us to discuss your particular situation.

Can I fire an employee who fails the polygraph?  Yes, but not based solely on the examination results.  You should inform them in writing that you are firing them based on all of the evidence (your investigation plus the examination), not just the polygraph alone.

Can I fire an employee who refuses to take the polygraph?  Possibly.  Anyone has the right to refuse to take a polygraph examination.  If you have established reasonable suspicion of the employee, then you can fire them for not cooperating with the investigation and insubordination if they refuse the exam.  You are firing them based on the supporting evidence and their non-cooperation.

NOTE:  I am not an attorney.  You should seek legal advice concerning applicable labor laws.

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